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NABERS + CBD Conference 2022 | United in Action

Plenary sessions

Deep dive sessions

Watch the videos from the event here and download the speakers' presentations below.

Presentations and resources

Download the speakers’ presentations and additional resources below.

Welcome to our post conference resources

Watch the videos from the event here and download the speakers’ presentations below. All sessions were held on Aboriginal land.

Welcome to the NABERS + CBD 2022 conference 
The conference showcases the latest innovation, advances, and trends in building sustainability. Hear Australia’s leading sustainability experts talk about building a better future by acting today as we stand 'United in Action'.

Welcome to Country
Uncle Allan Murray, Chairperson of Metropolitan Local Aboriginal Land Council (MLALC) leads us in paying our respects to the traditional custodians of the land. We are now in a change environment - show respect, leadership and collaborate.

United in Action opening address
Rachel Parry, Deputy Secretary, Energy, Climate Change & Sustainability, OECC, opens the conference by declaring climate change as the defining challenge of our era. Hear how NSW is leading the transition to net zero emissions. 

Panel: How our collective action is creating momentum now
We’ve been moving away from protecting IP and siloed ways of solving problems to a collaborative and action-focused sector. Momentum achieved in all areas of sustainability is aligned with what we can, and should expect across sectors.

How buildings can lead the way towards a circular, net zero, sustainable economy
Carlos Flores, Director for NABERS, shares updates on the latest NABERS tools, sector expansion, and approach to delivering in an evolving energy, water, waste and indoor environment world. 

Energy efficient commercial buildings: where we are and where we can go
Duncan McIntyre, Head of Energy Division for the Australian Government DISER, shares the benefits of ratings and disclosure as well as the soon to be released 2022 Commercial Buildings Baseline Study. 

Accelerating the uptake of renewable energy
NABERS is changing to better reward renewable energy uptake, but what does this technically mean for NABERS ratings? 

Unlocking green investment, one star at a time
Sustainable finance is continuing to grow both globally and within Australia as businesses look to demonstrate and promote their sustainable responsibility. We explore market trends, and common barriers to accessing sustainable finance.

Sticks, carrots and tambourines: How Government can encourage energy efficient buildings 
Local governments are successfully improving energy efficiency in buildings, through the planning process in different ways. What is the most effective benchmark in demonstrating compliance requirements? 

The journey to 6 stars
Improving the places we live, work and play can be hard work, and no two journeys look the same. That’s what makes reducing the footprint our buildings have so rewarding. It takes creativity, guts and grit to embark on the voyage to 6 stars. 

The catalytic role of energy efficiency in reaching Net Zero
Energy efficiency, net zero, carbon neutral, all these words are interchangeable, right? Not quite. As we move towards a greener energy supply, with more ways to reduce emissions than ever before, energy efficiency remains a critical part of reaching net zero.

Towards tomorrow: exploring the new frontiers
It’s always exciting when you are part of history. Assessors, this is an amazing opportunity to hear about the nitty-gritty behind launching into new sectors, designing new tools, and boldly going where no NABERS ratings have gone before. 

Panel: Reflections on the day  
Leading minds in sustainability come together to discuss what they found most interesting from the conference, and how they intend to continue taking bold steps forward to help our buildings reach net zero.

Conference closing reflection
Carlos Flores, Director, NABERS reflects on plenary and deep dive streams presented over the course of the day, sharing interesting insights and a call to action as to what more we can do together so that we remain United in Action.

CBD Assessor Masterclass 
Have you ever had questions about the TLA, BEEC, and Exemption process? Now is your chance to get the low-down on how to get the best result from an audit. Including the difference between exception and exemption, compliance checks, the CBD process, what they check, and what it means for you.

Delivering maximum returns with energy efficiency upgrades
Tailored insights and practical tools for building owners or building managers engaged in the process of obtaining a NABERS rating. Introducing a simple, plain English tool, tailored to assist building owners and managers understand the value of undertaking energy efficiency across key taxa including hotels, offices, residential aged care, and the shopping centres.