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A NABERS rating lets you know the environmental impact of your building.

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A NABERS star rating allows you to quickly and easily understand the environmental performance of any building – from offices to hospitals, shopping centres to apartment buildings. 

NABERS is a star-rating system that uses real data to compare the energy efficiency, water usage, indoor air quality, waste management, and carbon emissions of our buildings. 

We use real data to drive real impact by ensuring all stakeholders (from developers to asset managers, landlords to tenants) are able to make smarter, more informed decisions.

Know where you stand with a NABERS star rating.

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You can reduce the load that your building has on the environment by knowing where you stand with a NABERS rating.

Discover more about a NABERS rating for your building type:

Apartment buildings
Office buildings
Offices (tenancies)
Shopping Centres
Data Centres
New sectors like Schools, Aged Care, Retirement Living and Warehouses

Design for performance before you build with a NABERS Commitment Agreement

It's in the stars

Visit the NABERS website, or review our privacy policy for how your data will be collected and used. All enquiries are automatically signed up for the NABERS quarterly newsletter.

Did you know our built environment uses 40% of the world's energy and 30% of the world's available drinking water? Buildings also emit 40% of the world's carbon.